Business Trip

BY Elyse Osborn

    On October 26th, Mrs. Humphreys’ entrepreneurship class got to see business in action.

    First, the students toured through Pulakos on Parade Street in Erie. While it was not a scene from Willy Wonka, they got to see the process from sugar to packaged chocolate.

    Second, the students toured Caplugs, formerly Niagara Plastics, on Edinboro Road in Erie. Again the students were able to witness the flow of material from raw materials to finished products.

    The students toured these places to “see firsthand the manufacturing concepts of two very different products” according to Mrs. Humphreys. While the production processes were very different, the concepts learned were the same.

    Sophomores, Mark McWilliams and Caitlin Ebert learned some helpful business tips. Mark says, “I got a better perspective on everyday life in a business and how it runs”. Caitlin says, “It’s easier to see the layouts of manufacturing instead of just visualizing them”. Senior, Amy Mueller says her favorite part of the trip was the free chocolate at Pulakos!

    This field trip helped the students understand the lesson that was being taught in class much better. They were able to see how it worked in front of them, and they were also able to ask any questions.