Courtyard Classrooms

Courtyard Classrooms

BY Danieh Foltz


This past summer the courtyard, located in the center of the school, was renovated for future student use. This project was lead by Mr. Burchanowski, Math teacher and Blue Crew advisor, and the Blue Crew itself. “I just always thought it was an unused space that we can use for educational purposes,” says Mr. Burchanowski, “when it’s completed by the spring there will be two outdoor classrooms.”

The Blue Crew did a lot to help out. Mr. Burchanowski says that “if it wasn’t for them this wouldn’t be even close to being ready. The amount of time the students put it was incredible.”

Senior, Alex Carroll is part of the Blue Crew and participated in the three day long activity. Even though they were there for just a short amount of time, Alex says, “We did a lot. We picked up all the rocks and we dug up the dirt for the patio.”

The student body is going to benefit quite a bit from this and “I think it’ll be awesome once we have outdoor classrooms. I wish I could be here when we get to use it,” said Carroll. It was “definitely” worth all the work for Alex.

She says, “I think we might be able to put our names on it somewhere. I’m proud to be part of Blue Crew.”