Enriching Culture

BY Nick Steiner

          Traveling on field trips would be an interesting experience for the students and teachers alike. The Cultural Enrichment organization gives students that opportunity, and also adds to the variety of activities available at Fort LeBoeuf

Recently, in the beginning of the school year a group of travelers went to see a show called Cirque du Soleil in Ohio. and, as Junior Paige Proctor explained it, “It’s amazing to see their skills. It’s unreal.” This group offered students a chance to see something they would not normally have the chance to witness. In this case, FLB students had a chance to travel to Ohio and witness a spectacular show.

              Cultural Enrichment is a school organization that sponsors field trips after school hours and hopes to soon hold events here at the school. Cultural Enrichment advisor, Ms. Spencer says, “I have always had a passion for traveling and exploring the world. I am so lucky to have this as a part of my job.”

This club has been around for years now and is still going strong. In fact, the next sponsored trip is the Blue Man Group at the Warner Theater in Erie. What is unique about this trip is that it is partially funded by the FLB Foundation.  Other Cultural Enrichment trips are funded or paid for by the students. In the future students may be able to participate in some kind of fundraiser to pay for their field trips.

Thanks to the work of Ms. Spencer and the Fort Leboeuf Foundation students can continue to enjoy the entertaining field trips. As Ms. Spencer said, “I hope by offering these opportunities I will spark an interest in the students to explore all the world has to offer….I wish I could get all the students involved in the events.” This would be a great way for students to check out new things and experience outside of school. They have a great chance to see things they otherwise would not get the chance to experience.