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Med Camp

Students Experience Health Career Scholars Academy

BY: Autumn Dulong 

            The University Of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy is a four week program that welcomes 110 sophomores and juniors from all around the country interested in learning more about health careers. These students apply and gain a hands-on experience at the Pitt campus in Pittsburgh, PA. This program is designated to expose students to different fields of health care. Its goal is to teach what it is like to be a health care professional and the many tasks that each position entails

            Seniors, Caden Gilson and Rhonda Losey were lucky to have experienced this themselves. Last year, Mrs. Lawrie, Human Anatomy teacher, passed out a flyer to her anatomy class with the information and encouraged students to apply. read more..

Alumni Square

Alumni Square

BY Danielle Rendulic

              “You can get there from here” has been a faithful motto to students since the day they entered high school. However little do most of them know: you really can.

              Holly Anderson got her start in dance over twenty years ago and has been at it ever since. While at Fort LeBoeuf she started the first ever Dance Team and served as captain and choreographer for all four years; the dance team still continues today and can be seen at all varsity boys home basketball games. Read more...

Peer Jury

BAM…Goes the Gavel

By Jimmy McDade

Crack! The gavel at the Erie County Court of Common Pleas Sixth Judicial District rings for the juveniles entering court. Peer Jury, an activity that has been going on for five years and, as Mr. Humphreys said, "It’s been a very successful time." Mr. Humphreys Social Studies, the man behind the action, offers Peer Jury through his teaching of Criminology. This opportunity gives students the "on hands real deal" experience.

The students are selected based on their personal interest, grades and how they conduct themselves in school as well as what they do for the school. As for the Court itself it requires the students to complete an application. Read more...

Teacher Talent

            Teachers Beyond the Classroom

BY Michelle Stover

                You see your teachers daily, but do you truly see their unique talents? Many Fort LeBoeuf teachers excel in talents and hobbies beyond the classroom.

Mr. Burkhart, Physical Education teacher, not only coaching with McDowell wrestling team, but he also wrestled when he was in school. His wrestling career first began in 5th grade when his father influenced him to become a wrestler and work hard. Read more... 

Undeniably Brilliant

      Undeniably Brilliant

BY Alyssa Schnars

Drummer Jim Donovan, a musician, educator, and inspirational trainer visited Fort LeBoeuf High School to guide students through an experience of music and communication.

 Jim Donovan is a world-renowned percussionist, best known for his role in the band “Rusted Root”. He has also toured the world and preformed with artists such as Dave Matthews, Carlos Santana, and the Grateful Dead. He is a full time instructor of music at Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA and the current director of Saint Francis University World Drumming Ensemble. Read more...

Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month

MR. Tost

Students of the Month

Students of the Month

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