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Extravagant Expierience

BY Kelsie Miller

Ms. Spencer, advisor of the Cultural Enrichment Club, took 15 students to Cirque Du Soliel: TOTEM on Saturday, September 7th , in Columbus, Ohio.

“I recently took on the role of ‘Cultural Enrichment Advisor’ and was looking for a field trip that would spark interest in the program,” said Ms. Spencer. The “Cultural Enrichment Club” is designed to expose students to the rich culture, and tradition that surrounds them.   Cirque Du Soliel: TOTEM is a theatrical performance depicting the many theories of creation and evolution of humanity. At TOTEM the audience experiences many comedic skits, gravity defying, acrobatic stunts and live music. “One of my favorite things about the show was the intricate costumes and makeup,” said Ms. Spencer.

   When asked if it was what she expected, she replied: “Never seen anything like it before.”

Mrs. Tarr’s favorite part was the Chinese girls on the giant unicycles who were flipping bowls from their feet to the top of their heads. “My mouth was hanging open the whole time!” exclaimed Mrs. Tarr.

            Both teachers thought the trip was an unforgettable experience. Cirque Du Soliel is a world-renowned entertainment company with shows that appeal to all audiences. “I loved it! It was awesome! It wasn’t all that pricey, the ride was easy and good people went” senior Olivia Gilson said. “Great show! The people were amazing! Lines were extra long but it was ok because they were allowed to bring their own things. I would go again in a heartbeat!” exclaimed junior Donoven Chase.