An Opportunity For Art

BY Amanda Filutze

            Fort LeBoeuf art teacher, Mrs. J.Peters, gave students an opportunity to have their artwork displayed for an art exhibit of student work from across Pennsylvania as part of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association’s (PAEA) conference.

            Four students from Fort LeBoeuf admitted their art pieces into the art show, which was on display from October 10th to October19th. Titled “Forging Our Future”, the exhibit was located in the Payne Art Gallery at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These four students include Seniors Jessica Segal and Frank Albrecht, and Juniors Alicia Rodgers and Emilea Brown. Photographs of their work, such as colored pencil drawings, self portraits, and digital media were entered into a juried student exhibition.

A passion for art can go a long way. Once students realize their talents and want to challenge themselves even more, these students take the next step and submit their artwork into the PAEA conference. A variety of art was displayed at the art show, such as painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and mixed media. Each work of art was a unique sight to see for the guests of the PAEA art show in Bethlehem.

 Junior, Emilea Brown entered a colored pencil collage into the art show. Her piece was unique, and her subject revolved around one of her favorite things: food! She said she thought her piece was successful because she blended the colors together really well and because of the idea. She picked this art piece out of all of them because it was her favorite and she thought it was the best one. She is confident that everyone at the PAEA conference will like her colored pencil collage. 

“I enjoyed how well these students worked in art class,” says Mrs. J. Peters. These individual students worked very well on their projects and showed dedication and passion. “The amount of dedication these students put into their work was inspiring,” Mrs. J. Peters added. Seeing high school students become so passionate about something can be inspiring. It is great to see students showing dedication for art.