Welcome Irad

                           Irad Welcomed to Fort LeBoeuf

BY Danielle Rendulic

From Germany to South Africa and now from Mexico the 2013 and 2014 school year welcomes yet another foreign exchange student, Irad Castillo, to the herd.

Growing up in Merida, Mexico, Irad attended the Centro Universitario Montejo. The school graduates roughly the same amount of students as Fort LeBoeuf but is a private Catholic school apart of a much larger branch of schooling systems. The school is heavily devoted to their academics and even more so to their religious studies.

When Irad was four years old he began to play soccer just like his older brother had. He played locally until he was old enough to join his school team. The Centro Universitario Montejo is one of the best teams in Mexico. While on the team, Irad won a state championship as well as competed in the St. Marcelino Champagnat National Tournament. It was through soccer that Irad became affiliated with the exchange program.

Here at Fort LeBoeuf Irad plays on the soccer team as a forward. The practices here he says are quite different than those in Mexico. There they are much harsher and more serious. However our equipment and staff are like nothing in Mexico. Irad is excited to “help here with guys like Steve Port and to help build a better team”. He also has hopes of competing in the playoffs and possibly going to states with the team this year.

Although his soccer skills are nothing to be looked over, they are not the only reason he is here. Irad is most excited for just the experience of being in the United States and having fun while at it. He wants to improve his English and make friends which he certainly has already accomplished. Scouting and Scholarships and are not a priority for Irad,

 Irad would like to thank everyone for the warm welcoming he has received and says “I am having such a good time I don’t even miss Mexico!” He escorted Miss Brenna Barr down the field on the home coming court and plans to join the basketball and maybe baseball teams once their seasons are in session. Irad must return to Mexico by June 30th to finish his last year of high school.