Journalism Journey

Journalism Journey

BY Danieh Foltz

        On October 4th our Journalism class went on a field trip to Edinboro University’s communications lab. We met up with a school official and spent the whole day exploring three different forms of journalism: print, television, and radio. We were split up into three groups so that we could simultaneously be in the three different rooms, such as the television station, the newspaper room, and the radio station.

            The communications lab had a lot of cool things that we learned how to use. At this station our group learned how to do a television broadcast in Edinboro University’s new broadcast lab. This includes skills like how to use a green screen, how to conduct television interviews, and how to use the station technology.

In the radio broadcast lab we saw how to do live broadcasts, how to make a liner, and how they plan and put together their radio show. Probably the one that most of us could relate to would be the newspaper room. I personally thought that it was interesting to see how they put together a bigger, weekly newspaper. There was a lot to take in in just a few hours.

 Senior and feature editor Danielle Rendulic took part in the field trip. Danielle went on the field trip “because I thought it would be a cool, unique experience to see journalism in different ways. I wanted to get a new perspective from people who have been doing it for a long time at a collegiate level.”

Danielle says that she is most interested in print journalism because “I don’t have to think quick on my feet and I have time to think about my article and let it get passed around and looked at instead of just a one shot deal.”

Junior and news editor Emily Almazon went on the field trip because “I’m part of journalism and I thought it would be good to expand my knowledge on communications.” Emily is most interested in print journalism. Emily says, “I would rather see my writing published rather than hearing my own voice, even though I have a face for radio.”

Emily liked seeing the newspaper room at Edinboro because “it was an insight to possible careers for my future, maybe as a possible minor.”

 It was really nice to see different forms of journalism other than newspaper but at the same time it was nice to see how a newspaper is run on a bigger scale. All together the field trip was a great learning experience for all.