Elegant Elk Hunt

BY Michelle Stover

After years of walking through the woods and over the mountains, Kelsey Kuzma, Senior, takes her first shot at an elk on a hunting trip to Colorado with her father.                                     

  Kelsey’s passion for hunting has carried on for years but, she was thrilled to get an opportunity to hunt for elk! Before heading out to hunt, she prepared herself with a session of target practice in her own backyard.                                                                                                                                              

   On the trip to Colorado, there was a 5x4 in the herd, her father decided to put it down. Kelsey and her father took down two animals within twenty seconds! After the hunt, things got messy. They began skinning, gutting, quartering, and packing their meat. First, they gutted the cow to let her cool before returning to quarter her later on. Then it was time to gut their second prize, the bull.  As her father has always told her, “If the lead don’t fly, they don’t die.”                                                             

    With an amazing story, she was asked to write an article for the Tracks and Racks, a hunting magazine about her experience.  Since there was so much excitement and memorable memories, the article was difficult and it took a while to write. She states, “What I wrote in the article didn’t even do a justice as to how memorable of an experience it was.”                                                                                        

   She plans to keep hunting as one of her daily life activities after high school. Not only does she like to see the beauty of wildlife, but she also enjoys spending time with the family. Kelsey says, “Nothing beats sitting in a tree stand, packing some heat, and rattling for bucks.”