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Hallway Signs

Hallway Havoc

BY Danieh Foltz

The new hallway signs in the school, though spicing up the hallways, have caused quite a buzz throughout the halls of Fort LeBoeuf.

Two freshmen, Dristan Meyers and Casey Corritore, came to Mr. Rimpa’s office during the first week of school saying that they were having a hard time finding their classes. Mr. Rimpa gave them a floor plan of the school and tried to help them out. They came back in a short time later and said that even though they were having an easier time, they thought that there could be an easier way to navigate the school.

This sparked an idea! They then came up with the idea of hallway signs. Dristan and Casey came up with a plan so that each different hallway in the school had a different sign.

A few years ago, Mr.Rimpa and Mr. Holt reassigned the locker numbers to correspond with the room numbers. They made it so that the locker numbers corresponded with the numbers on the room. For example, the 3000 lockers are in the same hallway as the 300 rooms. This was supposed to make the rooms easier to find.

However, not a lot of students know that the school was set up that way, including Dristan and Casey. “It was hard for us,” said Dristan, “we thought it would make it easier for incoming freshmen.”

The names on the signs were named after Fort LeBoeuf’s Center for Post-Secondary and Career Discovery Community Partners, most of which are different colleges and universities. Hence the names of local colleges on coordinating hallway signs throughout the building.

Even though the signs are fairly new, they are expected to help the future students of Fort LeBoeuf greatly. Great job Dristan and Casey for taking iniative to improve the school and support future generations of Fort LeBeouf students! 

Journalism Journey

Journalism Journey

BY Danieh Foltz

        On October 4th our Journalism class went on a field trip to Edinboro University’s communications lab. We met up with a school official and spent the whole day exploring three different forms of journalism: print, television, and radio. We were split up into three groups so that we could simultaneously be in the three different rooms, such as the television station, the newspaper room, and the radio station. read more...

Lip Dub

"Don't Stop Believin"

BY Gabrielle Bowes

Fort LeBoeuf High school students showed off their bison pride November 27th as the whole school participated in a lip dub to the song “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.  A lip dub is when a person or multiple individuals lip-sync to a song and add audio dubbing in a continuous take to create a video.

            Around the school, each sport, club and organization showed their school spirit by dressing up while performing different activities and lyrics.  Blue and white clothing, costumes, face paint, signs and everything imaginable were used while people danced and sang along energetically to the song as the camera went by.

            Walking down the halls and seeing bodies painted is not an everyday occurrence at Fort LeBoeuf High School! All the students gathered together at the end of the song and joined as one big group in the gym.  There was shouting, cheering and rejoicing as the production came to an end.

            Junior, Jacob Marzka and Seniors, Erica Burbules and Steve Port were the masterminds behind this project. They are all students in Mrs. Humphreys’ Computer Skills for the 21st Century class.  They came up with the idea to have the whole school participate in a lip dub together. They got the idea watching the Fairview High School lip dub to the song “Roar” by Katy Perry and decided it would be an exciting experience for everyone, so why not try it here at FLB?

Referring to the song Jacob Marzka says, “It was good for our school; I think it goes well with our school spirit and motto.” It seems pretty easy, just pick a song and tell everyone to dress up, right?

No, a lot of hard work went into this project.  Erica Burbules explains, “I did expect it to be a lot of hard work. We could have never done it without Mrs. Humphreys.  She always knew what to do and helped us so much.”

 Jacob then explains, “The most stressful part for us was placing the lead roles, sports and clubs in their relevant spots.”  They held auditions for students who were interested in playing a lead role. They were important in making this work.

            Steve Port adds, “I had no idea that this much work could go into this kind of project, but it was more stressful than hard work.” They all agreed that in the end it was worth the effort to see the school show off their school spirit together as a group.

            Overall, the lip dub proved to be a great experience for all.  It was a great way for everyone to let loose and show off what they are proud of -bison pride!

Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

BY Emily Almazon


On November 22ndMrs. Krugh and six girls from 10th and 11th grade took a field trip to Penn State Behrend for the yearly Women in Engineering Seminar to possibly find a fit for their future plans.

            Mrs. Krugh, math teacher, has been taking young female students in 10th and 11th grade on this trip for the past few years now and every year it is the same daily procedure, but she finds it helpful and inspiring to the young ladies who attend.

While growing up, Mrs. Krugh thought about going into the field of engineering because it involved a lot of math and it seemed interesting. It did not help that her father wanted her to pursue an engineering career too.

The engineering field seemed to not be the place for Mrs. Krugh, but she still enjoys taking this trip so she can help students find out if their future lies in the field of engineering.

 This year the young ladies who joined Mrs. Krugh on the trip included 10th graders Gabrielle Russell, Gretta Wertz, Victoria Glover and 11th graders, Holley Engel, Sami Weryha, and Paige Procter. The young ladies journeyed to Penn State Behrend to participate in the one day event.

            While at Behrend, the ladies participated in different team building experiments, including an experiment where the groups had to get a ping pong ball off the desk and onto the floor using only straws and paper towel tubes.

They also participated in many other experiments and group work alongside 19 other schools from the Erie area. The experiments focused on math and science oriented problems.

During their lunch time, a few women speakers who are a part of the Women in Engineering group spoke about how it is important to get women in a male dominate field of work. One of the speakers was Melanie Ford, who has been in charge of the group for a few years now.

            Gabrielle Russell, found out that engineering just was not for her. “I wanted to go on the trip, because I thought I would like to get into the field [engineering], but when I realized how much math there was and saw what it was really about, I sort of decided against it.”

Gabrielle however did find the experience very helpful. “I really enjoyed going. I had a great time, but engineering just isn’t for me. I would definitely recommend going on the trip, if you really just want to see what engineering is about.”

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