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Bloody Bison

Bloody Bison

BY April Monroe

         Got Blood? The Fort LeBoeuf Bison do! Wednesday, October 9th was the annual blood drive at Fort LeBoeuf . With stunning success, FLB continues to be one of the highest donators in the county!  Mrs. Conway, French teacher and National Honors Society (NHS) advisor, and the NHS crew helped put together the blood drive in order to help out the community.

 “It will help save lives of people who are getting surgery, have a disease or, have a severe injury,” says Larissa Cass, Junior, a member of NHS for a year now. The community blood bank has been working with Fort LeBoeuf for longer than seven years. Giving blood is not something to be scared about, in fact it is said very few end up being in danger.

Mrs. Conway, who is in charge of NHS, gives as much as she can to the people in need. She started when she was 18 and has been a donor ever since.

So many people go to this drive or any drive to give blood and many more should get on board. Think of all the lives you can save. One pint equals three lives given a second chance.

 According to the school board, the blood bank is so grateful FLB keeps coming back with more and more blood each time. Caring about donating and getting more people to this really does help.