Niagra Falls Trip

BY Taylor Schnars

    Students had the opportunity to experience Niagara Falls on the American side on Friday, November 2nd to learn more about renewable energy.

    Mr. Cambell said, “The environmental science classes got to attend this all day trip.” Both Mr. Campbell and Ms. Jones students toured the Niagara power project which converts energy from the river and turns it into electricity and plumbing for seven states.

    The group chose to visit here because it was the closet power plant of this type. Also, there were many students who have never been to Niagara Falls John Brown, Junior attended this field trip said, “I enjoyed seeing the falls for the first time.” He also learned that Niagara Falls provides power for seven different states and he thought that was pretty interesting.

    John was asked if he had the chance would he attend this field trip again he replied, “Yes, I would love to attend this field trip again I think that it’s a good experience for most students, and it’s a lot of fun.”

    It is not known if this trip is going to occur yearly or not. Students and teachers were happy with the outcome of the trip in all so maybe!