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A Summer to Remember

A Summer to Remember

BY Michelle Stover

            During the second week of June, Sophomore, Jax Yochim, participated in a business program located at nearby Edinboro University through a business teacher recommendation.

The program titled Tina and Xavier Business Academy helps students around the East Coast gain skills for business through learning activities. And, one of the best motivations for the program is the cost - Free! The opportunity to learn the ins and outs of business from professionals for free is one many cannot simply pass up.

The program was a five-day experience and involved about 40 students. The students were separated into five groups within the university dorms. Their assignment was to design and create a realistic product for the Apple Company. According to Jax, no stress was involved in the making. By combining all ideas within the group, Jax and his teammates came up with a waterproof iPhone case that floats in water.

At the end of the five-day program, the winner was announced. With time, effort, and skill, Jax and his teammates managed to place in 2nd with their product. Jax received a “Most Professional” certificate award and merchandise.

He said, “It was a great opportunity to gain farther incite for the business world.”  


An Opportunity For Art

BY Amanda Filutze

            Fort LeBoeuf art teacher, Mrs. J.Peters, gave students an opportunity to have their artwork displayed for an art exhibit of student work from across Pennsylvania as part of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association’s (PAEA) conference.

            Four students from Fort LeBoeuf admitted their art pieces into the art show, which was on display from October 10th to October19th. Titled “Forging Our Future”, the exhibit was located in the Payne Art Gallery at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These four students include Seniors Jessica Segal and Frank Albrecht, and Juniors Alicia Rodgers and Emilea Brown. Photographs of their work, such as colored pencil drawings, self portraits, and digital media were entered into a juried student exhibition. read more...


Train Your Brain With Music

BY Jessica Segal

Music changes lives. Research has proven that performing music is one of the few activities that activate all four cortexes of the brain. It has also been proven that music improves the sections of the brain that assist in reading, math and abstract reasoning—which are key sections on the Keystone Exams, SATs, and ACTs according to Mr. Gilson, Music teacher and band director.

If that is not enough of a reason for everyone to rush to the guidance office and ask for a schedule change—there is more. Listening to music of complexity (i.e. Classical music) temporarily raises one’s I.Q. Plus, it is a great outlet for stress. read more...


Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving!

BY Leona Zielinski

            Thanksgiving family traditions spread through the Fort LeBoeuf School District. During the holiday a lot of students have different traditions for Thanksgiving while celebrating with their families.

 Senior, Brianne Kocher said that her family’s Thanksgiving tradition is going to her grandmother’s house and having dinner. At their thanksgiving dinner Brianne’s family has turkey and stuffing balls. A memory that she has is “when I was little, on thanksgiving my uncle dressed up as Santa Claus and surprised the kids.” Although Brianne’s Thanksgiving tradition seems typical, others choose a different way to celebrate. read more...