Teeing off Girl's Golf

BY Taylor Amon


            This year’s expectations of the season’s feedback comes from the coaches and players.  Coach Lynch has been with the lady bison for five years now.  Her goal is to make the golf team extend the amount of palyers the next few years to come.  “My focus is to make the girls enjoy the game and to just have fun,” she states after expressing her thoughts about the season so far.

 Carly Yovich, Courtney Carr, and Ali Glover have taken the reigns of the golf team by showing their good sportsmanship and confidence on the course.  They welcome the new girls and make them feel like a family. CoachLynch chose to coach golf because she has been playing herself ever since she was five. She was on the McDowell girl’s golf team all through high school and currently still plays.

Coach Lynch encourages the golfers to attend the optional dome practiceshosted at family first and to enjoy the competition from the other schools. Lynch explains, “I am hoping to gain more middle school interest by having the optional summer dome practices.”

Sophomore, Carly Yovich, has been golfing since the age of seven and her focus this season is on her short game. When she goes to tee off a ball, she lines up behind it, faces it to the target and makes sure it’s on a flat area. Her attitude during a match is to make sure she stays confident.

Carlys goal for this season is to get low 40’s and by the time she is a senior to receive a full ride to the college she wants. In order to meet the goals she sets for herself, she is going to practice every day when she approaches the course, the goal for the day is to get better and to be relaxed.

As leaders, Courtney Carr and Ali Glover gave me their opinion of the team this year.“Steve Yovich, first got us to start golfing and ever since then, our parents have encouraged us to keep going and keep a smile on our faces,’’ the girls answered.

Over the four years of golfing together, the biggest improvement has been encouraging each other. They would like to be known for having a positive attitude and being a fun person to compete against.