Showcasing Athletic Success

BY Emma  Whitman      

An outstanding number of Fort LeBoeuf athletes made it into the Erie Times News thus far this year. These athletes include but are not limited to Austin Combs, Justin Latsko, Courtney Oberlander, and Jordan Oberlander. These students are recognized by how much effort they put in, not only by their coaches but their peers and community members as well.

This is a huge honor for not only these students but the school and the sports team they represent. Members of the community vote online and based on the number of votes received, the students receive the honor of Athlete of the Week.

Junior, Austin Combs is the running back for the football team. When Austin found out he was Athlete of the Week he was excited and did not see it coming. Due to Austin’s recent injury he is not currently playing, although the team continues to succeed citing their most recent 14-13 victory over Fairview.

Junior, Justin Latsko plays on the golf team at Fort LeBoeuf. He was excited when he won Athlete of the Week because actually lost the week before and didn’t see it coming.  

Senior, Courtney Oberlander is one of the captains of the girls’ volleyball team. Courtney was surprised when she won because she was up against a lot of good players at the same time. After receiving this honor she feels the she is fulfilling the role of the captains before her. Interestingly enough, Courtney’s twin sister Jordan Oberlander won the same title for a different sport.

Senior, Jordan Oberlander captain of the girl’s soccer team will not let getting Athlete of the Week effect her season: “I will play the same mentality I’ve had all year.” When she heard she won this title she was surprised and grateful for the recognition. She did see it coming because of her accomplishments this year, but she did not think they would get recognized.

This particular week was just one example of a group of Fort LeBoeuf student athletes that received this honor. Check out the box to the right to see a complete list of other student athletes honored in the month of October.