Fort LeBoeuf Varsity Sports




Swimmers Splash into the Season

BY Taylor Amon

Fort LeBoeuf students have the chance to swim and represent the bison, the catch is that they will need to use the resources, like the pool, at a different school.   Students can thank senior, James Davis for this opportunity.

One day, James approached Mr. Pizzo, high school athletic director, and proposed that he should be allowed to join another school’s swim team since we do not have a pool. The way to solve this dilemma, combine forces with nearby Union City High School.

In order for Fort LeBoeuf students to able to swim with Union City, there had to be an agreement. Coach Hayes, swimming and diving coach for Union City, believes that, “Everyone should have the same opportunity to do a sport regardless of where they go to school.” The agreement allowed the students to participate in individual races only, no relays which was a disappointment to some of the participating swimmers. Recently, a co-op has been formed that makes up a part of their team allowing our swimmers to be in relays.
To keep swimmers interested in participating and working hard, Coach Hayes strives to make her team feel important as individuals just as much as a group. Coach Hayes explains, “When we are together swimming, we are one team with the same goals”.
The sport of swimming means being healthy, yet also teaches discipline and respect to an athlete. “When I’m racing I block out anything not pertinent to swimming and think of anything that makes me happy,” James Davis admits.
In addition to individual swimming, this unique opportunity offers FLB students the chance to dive under the instruction of Coach Hayes. Maggie Stebick, junior, participates on the dive team and agrees that “diving is just one aspect of swimming.”
Personally, for Maggie, diving provided her an opportunity to compete despite suffering a hip injury while doing gymnastics. The fact that she has to travel to a different school to practice and compete does not seem to bother her. This team is especially different because the players are so focused and independent yet when together a hardworking team . Coach Hayes revealed, “We do like to run around in the snow then jump in the pool at least once a season.”
 During preseason, a lot of training consists of hard swimming, sprints and getting into shape. Although the swim team does not have a specific fan base, in the end the athletes just need support from their team and families.
 These swim team athletes would like to continue their success as they come back in future years. James Davis worked hard to get his school involved. So if you are interested come check it out!     

Athletic Success

Showcasing Athletic Success

BY Emma  Whitman      

An outstanding number of Fort LeBoeuf athletes made it into the Erie Times News thus far this year. These athletes include but are not limited to Austin Combs, Justin Latsko, Courtney Oberlander, and Jordan Oberlander. These students are recognized by how much effort they put in, not only by their coaches but their peers and community members as well.

This is a huge honor for not only these students but the school and the sports team they represent. Members of the community vote online and based on the number of votes received, the students receive the honor of Athlete of the Week. read more...