Students Experience Health Care Scholars Academy

BY Autumn Dulong 

            The University Of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy is a four week program that welcomes 110 sophomores and juniors from all around the country interested in learning more about health careers. These students apply and gain a hands-on experience at the Pitt campus in Pittsburgh, PA. This program is designated to expose students to different fields of health care. Its goal is to teach what it is like to be a health care professional and the many tasks that each position entails

            Seniors, Caden Gilson and Rhonda Losey were lucky to have experienced this themselves. Last year, Mrs. Lawrie, Human Anatomy teacher, passed out a flyer to her anatomy class with the information and encouraged students to apply.  The application process included three essays of varying topics, teacher recommendations, course selections for the program, and a multitude of parent signatures.  The fee for this past academic year was $2,400.00 and is expected to rise for the next summer program.  The fee was to be paid off in three months after getting accepted.

High school applicants were required to live on campus at the University of Pittsburgh in the Brackenridge Hall dormitory. There were many other requirements for the selected students, such as completing a 65 page reflection portfolio and an 8 to 10 research paper. 

            Caden concentrated in the Foundations of Human Anatomy and Geriatrics courses.  Rhonda’s interests were two separate classes: Obesity and Mental and Behavioral Health.  Students in their perspective classes were to focus on issues relevant to the course.

            Both students learned a lot from this experience.  “I learned how to time manage and understand people of different cultures. I plan to go back and pursue a degree in molecular biology and attend medical school to become physician specializing in pediatric heart health.” Said Caden. Rhonda took a different approach. “It taught me about college life and how hard the real world is.”  The program as a whole was enlightening to both Caden and Rhonda and they both agree that it is integral that those seriously interested in health care should attend this program next summer.