Winner Winner Turkey Dinner

Winner Winner

 Turkey Dinner

 BY Emily Almazon

        Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Ms. Ciacchini’s Foods classes, along with Ms. Inter’s Life Skills class, prepare for Thanksgiving once again in hopes of bringing FLB students and staff closer together.

            The Foods classes have been making Thanksgiving dinner for the past 11 years. This tradition came about after Ms. Ciacchini, the Family Consumer Science teacher, had a student in class that never had a homemade Thanksgiving dinner. It was on that day that Ms. Ciacchini decided that her classes would make a real turkey, with all the amenities that go along with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Ms. Inter, the Life Skills teacher, had the same start when she was teaching at the middle school. Now both teachers have joined up for the past few years to continue making a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

            To prepare for this meal Foods I, Foods II and Life Skills students will start preparing the food on Monday, November 12th and will be ready to serve it on Thursday, November 14th. Both classes have split the work down the middle.

The Foods I class prepares the desserts and helps Foods II with prep work for the side dishes. Also, Foods II students learn how to brine the coveted center piece of this event, the turkey. Ms. Inter’s class, along with the Foods II students, will go to Wegmans on November 1st to do the grocery shopping, where they will learn about unit pricing and then shop for the non-perishable food items. The Life Skill students make the cranberry sauce; honey wheat rolls, homemade apple-sauce, and help make a few no bake cookies.

“The overall favorite part of this event,” states Ms. Ciacchini and Ms. Inter, “is seeing the excitement on everyone’s face, not only the faculty but also the students who work hard to make this special event happen.”

Over the years the meal plan has become more refined; time management has become smoother, Ms. Ciacchini and Ms. Inter have figured out which are the more economical choices and they have become aware of all of the faculty favorites. For instance, time is the biggest issue in making dishes; therefore she tends to pick dishes that do not take as much time to prepare. She also picks dishes that are a good choice economically. “Economical choices are what makes or breaks a dish.” Ms. Ciacchini adds.

The Foods classes do not just cook delicious food; they learn important lessons from participating in this event. “The classes learn how to brine a turkey, time management skills, teamwork, communication, cooperation, and above all how to prepare food for a large group,” Ms. Ciacchini shares.

Foods class students are also excited about the upcoming event. Junior, Ashley Wolfe, in Ms. Ciacchini’s Foods II class, says her favorite part of Foods class is, “When you think of school, you never think of cooking food in school, and to have a class that allows you to learn valuable cooking and safety skills in school, is very cool.”

Ashley also states that “The atmosphere of the kitchen is very positive and everyone has a job to do, so things get done easily. Also, you get to sit down and eat with your fellow students and enjoy the class.” Ashley is looking forward to the sweet potato casserole on the Thanksgiving dinner menu and learning how to make a turkey.

Thanksgiving dinner will not only bring a smile to everyone’s face, but also bring the Foods classes closer together as a cooking unit.