Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

BY Leona Zielinski

            Thanksgiving family traditions spread through the Fort LeBoeuf School District. During the holiday a lot of students have different traditions for Thanksgiving while celebrating with their families.

 Senior, Brianne Kocher said that her family’s Thanksgiving tradition is going to her grandmother’s house and having dinner. At their thanksgiving dinner Brianne’s family has turkey and stuffing balls. A memory that she has is “when I was little, on thanksgiving my uncle dressed up as Santa Claus and surprised the kids.” Although Brianne’s Thanksgiving tradition seems typical, others choose a different way to celebrate. 

 Sophomore, Richard Kern said that his family tradition is to “sit down with family and eat a large dinner.” Pretty standard celebration. At his Thanksgiving dinner, Richard’s family has turkey and bread. His favorite Thanksgiving memory is playing football with his family. A great way to work off all those dinner calories.

 Junior, Kayla Brumagin said that her Thanksgiving tradition consists of going “to grandma and grandpa’s house on my mom’s side to see my cousins and we help cook all the thanksgiving meal. Then we go see my aunts on my dad’s side and see the family.” Her favorite Thanksgiving memory is “seeing my cousins because I don’t see them often.” Seeing family is a great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

Freshmen, CJ Smith said that his Thanksgiving family tradition is, “go[ing] to my grandma’s house or stay at my house.” CJ’s family has turkey and pumpkin pie. His favorite Thanksgiving memory is “when my sister and I played board games for hours.”  

 Thanksgiving is a time to be with your family and to give thanks. Have dinner with your family and be with them as you would for Christmas or any other holiday. But give thanks to your family likes these four students. They have fun with their family and they have dinner with their families. So give thanks! You might see a difference in your family!